Trending Today: Miley Cyrus is Not a Bad Girl ...

Oh, Miley Cyrus. She's in the news for so much that it's no surprise when she pops up as the big trend of the day. This time, it's because of an interview and spread she did for Asia's Prestige magazine, where she takes offense to the headline used by a magazine, stating that Miley Cyrus is a good girl gone bad. That seems like old news, just in terms of all the coverage she's gotten in recent years. Her assertion that she's not a bad girl has nearly become an internet meme, and it's trending hot on Twitter and a variety of other social media networks.

Call me the ultimate devil's advocate, but I can see both sides here. You've got people Tweeting things like "Miley is not a bad girl, she just has fun (@LouiseJDB)," "Bad girls NEVER tell you to radiate love nor follow your dreams. But Miley does. Miley Is Not A Bad Girl (@itsskyscraper)," and "Miley Is Not A Bad Girl she is just living her life. Obviously she makes mistakes, but don't we all? (@HarrysGorgeous)." On the other side of the coin, other Tweets carry the trend by saying things like, "Miley is not a bad girl. She's a bad singer (@PeytonsHead)," and "Miley Is Not A Bad Girl? Tell me who smokes at the age of 18. And gets drunk. And do all this crazy stuff. I hate her, honestly (@NourahBieber)."

And that's true. Miley's only 18. She's made some seriously dumb decisions and, worse, she's either allowed them to be recorded publicly or had the bad luck to do them around friends with itchy camera fingers. At the same time, here's a girl who's grown up in the spotlight, the entirety of her adolescence has been out there for everyone to see, and because she was a Disney girl, her bad decisions naturally outweigh her good ones.

So is Miley a bad girl? Or is she just a typical teenager, guilty of bad decisions, who's sure to mature as she gets old?

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