Trashionista's Dream Wedding Looks!!!

So, Chocowitz and I were at our local Joann craft store a few days ago looking at unicorn stencils and other randomness when he showed me this wedding publication that I had never heard of, called ‘For The Bride’, after the brunette cover girl with thick blunt bangs caught his eye.

I thought she was adorable too so I flipped through the magazine and WOW, I absolutely fell in love with this editorial! When I was a little girl, I never fantasized about my wedding and even as an adult, I have mostly had little to no interest in marriage and find most wedding attire to be bland at best, revolting at worst. So imagine my surprise when I laid my eyes on these pages and honestly thought to myself “These are my dream wedding looks!”.

Because of that, I would like to share a few of them with all of you, my readers. Perhaps there are some unconventional Brides-to-Be out there somewhere who can be inspired by these looks as well.

To see the full-size versions or a couple more of these looks, visit my flickr account.


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