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Tori Amos - American Doll Posse post 2 ...

By popbytes

hey hey! so i know i already posted about the upcoming 9th studio release (due in just two months on may 1st) from my darling **tori amos** entitled american doll posse but i'm so fucking excited i could wet myself (i'll manage to keep things worries!) but i'm a little pissed off that some people have been putting down her most recent albums the beekeeper & scarlet's walk...both are incredibly brilliant albums! to be perfectly honest being a diehard ms. amos fan - i don't even think i could name one song i don't care for by her!

oh sure there are tracks that i like better than others but i've never ever been disappointed by tori! i literally cannot wait to hear what she has whipped up this the looks of the imagery below the album feels like it could be an incredible dark cross between boys for pele & from the choirgirl hotel (my personal favorite...although i love them all) right now i'm on tori alert big time - if anyone else has any new info on the album - please let me know! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

PS i think my lone courtney love tattoo could use a little company...what kind of tori amos ink could i get?!?

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