Top Five Michael Kors Bracelet Watches ...

I loooovveee watches. Apart from the fact that they’re useful and fashionable, they’re great investments. While I’m a huge fan of technomarine watches, I also like bracelet watches. They’re pretty and can double up as quick accessories, too. Found five Michael Kors (yes, of **“Project Runway” **fame) bracelet watches that you might want to check out:

5. Horn Acrylic Link Timepiece

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For only $140, I think this one’s a cute deal. The watch has stainless steel links (it’s very important that they’re stainless steel, take note of that!), gold markers and it’s an ivory acrylic bracelet. It’s water resistant, too and has two-year international warranty.

4. Acrylic Bangle Timepiece

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For bangle lovers out there, this $160-tortoise acrylic bracelet is a sure hit. It has a brushed champagne dial and gold-tone stainless steel case. Perfect for casual occasions.

3. Gold and Silver Chronograph Timepiece

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Sold for $195, this may look like any other cool watch but I like the three-eye chronograph feature. Plus it has gold-tone links and a date window. This pretty watch has hardened mineral crystal as well.

2. Tortoise Link Timepiece

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For only $120, you get this fabulous tortoise link timepiece by Michael Kors. Yes, a branded watch by a famed designed for a good price! I like the brown face of this watch plus the blend of silver markers. Just imagine donning a mere white shirt and your favorite pair of jeans and this watch…what a cool look!

1. Tiger Eye Timepiece

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This one’s a great steal. For only $160, you get a gold-tone bracelet with self-adjustable links and stainless steel. What’s nice about this piece is that it can easily double up as a quick and easy accessory when you’re in a hurry. Just put on your favorite black dress, killer stilettos and this watch and you’re ready to roll!

These watches are, I must say, reasonably priced and can be great additions to your watch collection. What’s your favorite?

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