Top 8 Phones Suitable for Asian Women ...

**By Yun Wang **

Phone’s appearance is changing from black into white colors, and the shape of the candy bar is changing from Guban clam shell to the current slide rotation, and the thickness is also more and more thin, then there are more and more phone for women .Today I has had brought top eight phones relative suitable for Asian women ,the people who ready to purchase phones or prepare to send phones can refere it.

Nokia N76: Ultra-thin fashion smart phones, bright red appearance also makes the aircraft very sexy.

******Samsung SGH-U608:** be the thinnest slider phone ever, shape, take pictures and music player features such as the performance is pretty good, is also a very cost-effective products.

Sony Ericsson W580c: ”shake” walkman phone.

Dopod D600: A more excellent products, excellent performance, price is not high. Rounded figure.

• **Nokia N73 Internet edition: **A very classic phone.

LG KG70: A fashion mobile phone winning with looks but no lack of content.

Samsung SGH-E848: Set a strong fashion look and function as one of the outstanding products, it is appropriate to pursue both thin and light so stylish shape and do not want to damage the phone function of female friends to buy.

Lenovomobile S9: All mirror designs, S-line clamshell shape exquisite fashion.

Overall, the top eight phones are carefully built exclusively for female friends. But we still suggest purchasing the Nokia N73 and Samsung SGH-E848, because the phones in the form design and prices are relatively good except for the allocation function.

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