Top 8 Romantic Comedies of 2010 ...

I'm a closet rom-com freak. I mean, I will get up in the middle of the night and sneak-watch a romantic comedy, just so nobody knows about it. This is silly, since the Better Half is always trying to get me to watch them, but you know, I've got my street cred to think about. I'm coming out, though, to share with you my list of the top 8 romantic comedies of 2010. Not all of them grossed well, not all of them are even particularly good movies, but I liked them so let's see if y'all did too!

1. Youth in Revolt

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I would watch Michael Cera star in a paper bag. He's my favorite beta male of all time and I find him inexplicably adorable, plus his acting is just … really unique. My only problem with Youth in Revolt is that I was Ellen Page starred in it with him; they are the cutest movie couple in life. Still, I can completely understand his need to make an alter ego and I loved the awkward romance and comedy of this film.

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