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8 Must Have Beach Dresses ...

By Melanie

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It’s that time of the year again! It’s time to go to the beach. So, do you have any beach dresses that you would wear? You should always have a stock of them in your closet if you are a frequent beach goer. You wouldn’t want to wear the same one each time. Below, I am going to give you the top 8 must have beach dresses…

Table of contents:

  1. effie scarf dress
  2. twist strap goddess dress
  3. the yellow beach dress
  4. nanette lepore lovina beach dress in calypso
  5. o'neill indian summer dress
  6. breezy halter dress
  7. beach dress/skirt cover-up
  8. halter top beach dress

8 Effie Scarf Dress

Price: $158.00 at
Really, I don’t like the dress all that much. Probably because of the color, but my friend on the other hand really likes the dress. I do however like how the dress overlaps. I think it would make a good dress for the beach.

7 Twist Strap Goddess Dress

Price: $39.00 at
This is a purple dress that has a stretch top with a free flowing bottom. I like it, because it is purple and purple is one of my favorite colors. What do you think of it? Add in some bangles and it will look gorgeous!

6 The Yellow Beach Dress

Price: $19.99 at
I’m not a big fan of yellow clothes, but I think this one would be acceptable to wear to the beach. This is a hot halter that will give you some fun in the sun. It has a ruched empire waist, A-line, Gold O-ring hardware straps and ties at the neck.

5 Nanette Lepore Lovina Beach Dress in Calypso

Price: $348.00 at
I like this dress. It has side pockets and is just adorable! Nanette brings up some stunning clothing, I admit that. This will definitely stop him in his tracks! I know it over three hundred dollars, but if you have the money, then you should buy it!

4 O'Neill Indian Summer Dress

Price: $42.00 at
This dress is in full bloom. I like the flowers that are going down the side and it is just right for the beach. The shoulder straps are adjustable, which is what I like. I don’t like those shirts/dresses with shoulder straps that are not adjustable.

3 Breezy Halter Dress

Price: $34.50 at
Since I really like the halter styles, I like this dress. It looks so free flowing. My only complaint would be at the beach, there is a lot of wind and this dress will definitely blow, so you better make sure you have something that is worth seeing under the dress! It will fit perfect over a swimsuit.

2 Beach Dress/Skirt Cover-up

Price: $365.00 at
This is a gorgeous, long maxi dress cover-up that is perfect for the beach. It comes in bright colors, which is perfect for being in the sun. Wear some high heels and a great necklace with it and you will be ready to go into town. Wear flip-flops and a bikini under it and you can use it as a cover up. Roll the smocking on your waist and you can wear it as a skirt.

1 Halter Top Beach Dress

Price: $49.99 at
This one is really cute. It isn’t bright colors, but that is okay. The neat designs on it will really stand out and it’s white, so it will go good in the sun. As I said before, I like the halter style and that’s why I put it at number one.

With all of these dresses on the list, it is hard to choose just one, so feel free to choose as many of them as you want! You should have numerous ones in your closet this summer. So, which ones do you like the most?

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