8 Top Muscle Cars ...

Yes, it's me again with yet another car blog to blow your mind away. It's time to talk about the muscle cars that’s in my top list. Muscle cars consist of pure muscle engines and back wheel drive. They can burn rubber off those tires fast and make some of the fastest speeds. Let's get started with our top 8 muscle cars! It’s time to zoom!

8. The 1970 Buick ‘GSX’ Stage 1

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Photo Credit: jackcirone

The best look for the Buick was in the 1970's, because they made their first ever muscle car and that’s the 1970 Buick GSK stage 1. This car has its power from a top V8 performance engine and performance package. The body came in two colors, the Apollo white and Saturn yellow. The yellow came with the black stripe down the middle. The car almost looks like the SS charger or ford mustang. However, the engine and the BHP are a bit different. The car's performance bhp is about 360, but said to come close to 400 bhp. A wonderful-looking car with tons of power.

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