Top 8 Dating Complaints from Women ...

Oh yes, women have dating complaints, just like men. That doesn’t mean that we are selfish or whatever. Some of the complaints women make are actually legit. Guys, if I offend any of you, I’m sorry – I am not here to bash anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings, but sometimes, things just have to be said. Right now, I am going to give you the top 8 dating complaints that I have heard. Take note, these are not my complaints and I will include my opinion in with these complains …

8. He Didn’t Pay

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“I went on a date with the last guy and he didn’t even pay for the date. He left the ticket all on me!” (To be honest, I don’t mind paying for the date. I think sometimes, the girl needs to pitch in and help too, However, I noticed this was a big dating complaint.)

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