Top 7 Ways to Tone Your Abs at Home ...

In this day and age all we ever hear about as women is that we need to have firm little tummies and keep them that way. But how do you know what’s effective in order to lose that stomach fatand get that toned little ab area? That’s what I’m here for ladies, to tell you what top 7 exercises are the most effective to get those abs toned at home!

1. Crunches on an Exercise Ball

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Oneeffective exerciseto try are crunches on an exercise ball which are a lot more difficult than they sound. Not only do you have to keep your balance but you’ve also got to flex and work your abs. Your lower back should be near the top of the ball when doing this exercise. Then slowly roll your shoulders forward towards your hips. 16 to 20 reps a day for 3 weeks and then add a weight for added resistance and you’ll have firm abs in no time!

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