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7 Top Diet Plans to Try ...

By Melanie

There are so many different diet plans out there! By doing a search through Google or Yahoo for diet plans, you will come up with so many results, that you will probably feel overwhelmed. And yet, despite numerous posts and reviews on this subject, it is pretty hard to figure out which of the suggested ones are the best diet plans one could try. While the diets on my list may not be the most popular, they are definitely the most effective. So if you are looking to shed a few pounds, see which of these 7 top diet plans to try you could actually give a chance.

Table of contents:

  1. the lemonade diet
  2. atkins
  3. the zone
  4. vegetarian
  5. weight watchers
  6. south beach
  7. mediterranean

7 The Lemonade Diet

This one is also known as the Master Cleanse Diet and it has been talked about for many years! I had even tried this diet plan and I liked how effective it was. It is a good way to detox your body, it helps take out those toxins that are lingering in the organism from everyday things such as food and environment. When you start feeling sluggish and worn out, maybe you just need a detox diet to help you cleanse and lose a few pounds at the same time! If so, then this diet plan would be the best one for you. Of course, you need to like lemonade with real maple syrup and cayenne peppers to be able to try it.

6 Atkins

This diet plan focuses on controlling the levels of insulin that is in your body through diet. The insulin levels rapidly rise when you consume a large amount of refined carbs and then they rapidly fall. People who choose to try Atkins diet plan will have to eat a higher portion of proteins than they normally do. So, if it's not a problem for you, this diet plan could be the right choice. Especially, since so many people find it so very effective.

5 The Zone

The Zone Diet aims for a nutritional balance of thirty percent fats, forty percent carbs and thirty percent protein every time you eat. It also puts focus on controlling the insulin levels. It encourages the consumption of complex carbs (think whole grain, pasta, brown rice etc.) and healthy fats, such as avocado, nuts, olive oil etc. What I personally find the most appealing in the Zone diet plan is that this is one of those rare diets that you can actually adopt for life. And aside from healthy weight it provides, it sounds like a very healthy way to eat in general. So, if you ask me, this is the top diet plan I've stumbled upon so far.

4 Vegetarian

There is a number of different types of vegetarian. You have Lacto vegetarian, Lacto-ovo-vegetarian, Fruitarian Vegetarian, Pescovegetarian and Semi-vegetarian. Vegetarians do not eat animal based products, some eat dairy, eggs and honey. And most of vegetarians swear by feeling healthier and weighing lighter after they changed their eating habits. So, if having meat is not an important thing for you, you might consider this diet plan as well.

3 Weight Watchers

Come on, you have heard of the Weight Watchers diet before. They focus on losing weight through exercise, diet and a support network. This is a huge diet program which can be found all over the world. They can physically join and attend the meetings in person or they could do it online. The downside of this top diet plan is that it may get pretty pricey, but the fact that Weight Watchers diet plan works, makes it well worth spending.

2 South Beach

This is a highly talked about diet. It was started by Dr. Agaston, who is a cardiologist and Marie Almon, who is a nutritionist. It focuses on the insulin levels. It was devised during the 1990s. And judging from the reviews of the people who have tried this South Beach diet plan, it really works. I personally have not tried it myself, but heard a lot of successful stories. Have you tried this diet plan before? How was it for you?

1 Mediterranean

What about the Mediterranean diet, have you ever heard of it? It is a Southern European diet plan and it focuses on nutritional habits of people of Greece, Crete and Southern Italy. Today, Southern France, Spain and Portugal are included on that list too. People who follow the Mediterranean diet plan put a lot of focus on plant foods, fresh fruits, nuts, beans, seeds, cereals, olive oil, yogurts and cheese. They have about four eggs each week and a small amount of meat. From the looks of the native Europeans, this diet plan seems to work, so why not give it a try? And don't you just love the name of this diet plan - Mediterranean... I feel like I am losing weight by just writing about it :)

Out of all of these top diet plans, my three favorites are the Lemonade diet, the Zone diet and the Mediterranean diet. All three of them look and sound great and I have heard a lot of excellent reviews of all of them. And is there a diet plan that you have tried successfully and that I did not mention on this list? Please, tell...

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