Top 7 Industries for Women ...

The job market of today is no longer run solely by men. Women have been able to dominate many industries. Most of the businesses ran by women were also founded by women, which I think is awesome. There are still some jobs that are predominately sought after by men, but I can think of a few industries where women rule. Here are what I consider to be the top 7 industries for women today.

7. Interior Design

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Women seem to have an eye for the best way to make a room or home as comfortable and as fashionable as possible. Interior design includes choosing the right colors to compliment specific patterns seen in wallpaper or furniture pieces. It can also include assisting in the rearrangement of furnishings and knick knacks to make the most of present space. There are many aspects of the interior design industry that allow women to use their natural talent of seeing right away how something can be made more aesthetically pleasing.

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