Top 5 Hefty Gadgets for Maximum Damage ...

There's a breed of gadgets out there which are part technology, part window breaker. By day they help you pass the time, by night they become employed in weighing down your bag, breaking unsuspecting toes they fall on, and potentially opening up a previously unopened house... Here we count down the Top 5 hefty gadgets.

1.) The original Nintendo DS - Compared to the trim Lite version, this porker looks like it gobbled up all the pies, and then some. The only reason I would hesitate over hurling it is its vintage status - why, it looks like this ancient relic belongs in a museum somewhere! Maximum carnage estimate - 2/5

2.) Sharp's 108" LCD television - The girth of this thing made me recoil when I saw it at CES. Would anyone really want a sucker this big clogging up the lounge when you could have it piled with snotty tissues and half-full cups of tea instead? Pity it's not a plasma, as the extra pounds would really make a difference when flying through some stained glass. Maximum carnage estimate - 3/5

5px; float: right;"/>**3.) Alienware's Aurora ALX** - This will really show your boyfriend/brother that when you tell him to stop playing Half Life 2 on his Alienware desktop, you mean business. Maximum carnage estimate - 5/5

4.) BlackBerry 8700g - You've seen people holding one of these babies up to their ears, maybe you even own one yourself, in which case you know how darn big they are. Big usually equals heavy, I'm sure Einstein or some white-haired smarty-pants once said that, hence hurl a BlackBerry, cos don't you know, it's CrackBerry-licious! Maximum carnage estimate - 2/5

5.) HTML 4 for Dummies book - Now, I own one of these paperweights, and can attest to just how heavy it is. Think of the vital space chucking it would clear up on your bookshelf. Maximum carnage estimate - 4/5

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