Top 20 Romantic Movies of 2008 ...

ROMANTIC MOVIES are my ultimate favorite when it comes to cinematography. And since I watched every classic romantic movie and every romantic movie that came out the last couple of years, I started running out of choices for my movie nights. So, I decided to go year by year and watch the romantic movies of the past that I somehow missed. And I am proud to present to you today the list of Top 20 Romantic Movies of 2008 that I've recently watched and absolutely loved! So, if you are as crazy about romantic movies, as me, you'll definitely find some great picks on this ultimate list of Top 20 Romantic Movies of 2008.
And we'll start with a little controversial romantic movie of 2008 - a movie men hated and women loved called:

20. PS, I Love You ...

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Starring: Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler
Released: 2008
My husband hated the premise of this movie - he hates stories that mix love and death, but I just adored it. Swank is a widow who's husband (Butler) left letters for her to read after his death. Slowly, through his challenges to her, she begins to move on. I cried all the way through it!
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