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Top 20 Richest Women in Entertainment

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Forbes has compiled a confusing list of the Top 20 Richest Women in Entertainment. To put together the list they ruled out "non-working celebs who essentially live off royalties (Barbra Streisand, for example), and we also excluded 'old Hollywood" types like Elizabeth Taylor.'" So basically it's the 20 richest women in entertainment that you'd be familiar with, and not your mom. Here's their list in order from richest to poorest:

Table of contents:

  1. oprah winfrey
  2. j.k. rowling
  3. martha stewart
  4. madonna
  5. celine dion
  6. mariah carey
  7. janet jackson
  8. julia roberts
  9. jennifer lopez
  10. jennifer aniston
  11. the olsen twins
  12. britney spears
  13. judge judy
  14. sandra bullock
  15. cameron diaz
  16. gisele bundchen
  17. ellen degeneres
  18. nicole kidman
  19. christina aguilera
  20. renee zellweger

1 Oprah Winfrey

2 J.K. Rowling

3 Martha Stewart

4 Madonna

5 Celine Dion

6 Mariah Carey

7 Janet Jackson

8 Julia Roberts

9 Jennifer Lopez

10 Jennifer Aniston

11 The Olsen Twins

12 Britney Spears

13 Judge Judy

14 Sandra Bullock

15 Cameron Diaz

16 Gisele Bundchen

17 Ellen DeGeneres

18 Nicole Kidman

19 Christina Aguilera

20 Renee Zellweger

There's a lot of names on there I just don't understand. Why is Jennifer Aniston number 10? And how did Renee Zellweger make the list? This is supposed to be the Top 20 Richest Women in Entertainment, not Most Likely To Be Confused for a Homeless Person.

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