Top 10 Places to Go


Most avid travelers, those who marvel at the world around them, who have a never-ending curiosity, and who really enjoy traveling, have a list of places that they want to see.

I do.

It’s a contantly changing list, never static, and sometimes changes within a very short period of time — usually when something unique catches my eye and stimulates my curiosity.

Since it changes so frequently, I thought I’d write it out, and watch how it changes over the course of the year.

So here it is — my current Top Ten Places To Go (listed in alphabetical order):

• Egypt

• Greece (in photo)

• Iceland

• Italy

• London

• Malta

• Morocco

• Paris

• Quebec

• Thailand

Do you have a Top Ten Places to Go list? If so, please feel free to write about it and link back, or leave your list in the comments.

Photo credit: SXC


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