Top 10 Home Saunas ...

Investing in a home sauna is often a big deal, especially when it is a pricey model. The hard choice between all of the designs is to pick which one is best suited for your lifestyle; if you live out in the woods, all alone, the single version might be the best. On the other hand, if you are big into family gatherings, you might want to invest in a larger model. I've picked my top 10 faves and listed them below.

10. Laatu Combo Infrared/Traditional Sauna Rooms: Model #LCIR-46

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Price: $6,170.00 at:
Size: 48” x 72” x 84”
Heater Type: combination traditional/infrared
Type of sauna: pre-built sauna
Maximum Number of Bathers: 3
My Comment: I did like that this sauna could be built from either Poplar/Aspen or Western Red Cedar tongue and groove. It also comes with a copper ladle, copper bucket, and a 15 minute sand timer. It is extremely spacious as well, but the price is what put it at number ten for me. It's just a lot more expensive than the rest of the models and still only holds three people. Having the combination traditional/infrared ability in this sauna seems to have also added to the cost. I think the tinted door is a great added touch, as well as the ergonomic backrests.

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