1. The FTD Precious Heart Bouquet

The FTD Precious Heart Bouquet

Price: $44.99 at ftd.com

Occasion: Mother's Day

Best for: Mother

My Comment: I would definitely give something like this to my mother for Mother's Day. It's such a round little bouquet that it looks like something that a mother would love. There are roses, asters, and carnations all packed into this precious bouquet. I think it is a great variety, but not so busy that it takes away from the simple beauty it exudes.

I don't think any of these FTD flowers are too pricey at all. The cost is extremely reasonable for the quality of flowers, vases, and for the joy they will bring to whoever gets them. What a lovely treat! Hopefully this list will help out those of you who are struggling to make a decision as to which bouquet will be just the right one. Do you send flowers, and for which occasions? Who would you send these gorgeous FTD flowers to?

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