Top 10 Crafts for Your Child ...

Thankfully, kids are easily entertained. I try to have a list of things for them to do, just in case they tell me they are bored. I thought I might share my ideas with you, so that you will have a collection of top 10 crafts for your child. There are so many more than what I have listed below, but this should be a great start to your ongoing list of craft activities.

10. Paper Dolls

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These can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. If you have access to clothing magazines, then you can use the models in the magazines for the dolls. Additional clothes can be cut out from the same magazines, since the shirts and such are usually shown in a size that will fit the model in the picture. Kids also enjoy making their own doll and clothes to fit. I find that cutting the doll out of paper board makes it less likely to tear. You can use an empty cereal box to cut the doll shape out of, and then draw clothes on either the same paper board or construction paper. Attaching clothing to the doll can be done with either magnets or Velcro. Be sure to use small pieces of either of these, otherwise it might be hard for your child to get the clothing on and off easily.

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