Top 10 ANTM Candidates I Loved ...

So yeah, I have some issues with America's Next Top Model, also known as ANTM. However, I also watch the show religiously. Maybe not new episodes, but I watch a lot of the huge marathons shown on so many cable channels. I still love the show, but I loved it more in some of its golden years. Still, models in most cycles stand out to me, and here's my top 10 list of them!

10. Analeigh Tipton

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Analeigh was in cycle 11, which was about the last season before I stopped being invested in the contestants as much. Plus, well, pretty much all of my picks stopped winning! Analeigh's soft, doll-like look and her sweetness reminded me a lot of Nicole from cycle 5. She's another favorite, along with Nic of the same season, although they didn't make it into the top 19.

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