Today's Special: Chicken, Mushroom, and Goat-Cheese Burritos

Isn't it fabulous fun to think outside the box? Generally when making burritos I stick to the usual Tex-Mex inspired ingredients of beans, rice, and pepper jack cheese, but today I was in the mood to jazz things up a bit. Instead of using my usual chicken with tomato salsa and cilantro mixture, how about using mushrooms, green salsa, spinach, and goat cheese? Sound deliciously gourmet? Well it's made with store bought chicken making it easy and quick! I've never had goat cheese on a burrito before, but can imagine that it will be creamy and crumbly. The spinach will add a fresh crunch making this burrito a perfect on the go meal that you can scarf down before you meet the girls for cocktails. Get the recipe and

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