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Despite my fanaticism for the written word — believe it or not, it wasn’t the promise of millions that lured me in to journalism — and my hyperconsumption of paper towels and cups, I’m really a paperless sort of girl: a Flash-y “gobble gobble” is emailed out on Thanksgiving, a link to my website lets relatives know what I’m up to, and my most personable “Thank you”s arrive in mailboxes of cell phones.

Still, I’ve my moments after spending a day on the laptop, watching words and ideas and deals run by digitally, intangibly, that I yearn for the physical match of my mental going-on’s; I want to enjoy the feel and touch of a meaning, I miss being –

“– a very tactile person,” says Tobi Wood, describing herself. Founder of Tobi Wood Designs note cards, Tobi makes minimalist, femme graphics that decorate little paper squares. Blank on the inside, the cards are the perfect vessel for any message or thoughts, leaving “the sentiment up to the writer. Who said that saying ‘happy birthday,’ ‘thank you,’ or ‘hi’ had to be fancy? Simple works.”

Simple does work; unlike my laptop, which crashed as I was emailing a friend a link to

Perhaps I’ll snail mail her the URL instead.

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