Toastess TJK-55 1500-Watt Silhouette Stainless-Steel Cordless Electric Kettle ...

Model TJK-55

Price on $59.95

Perfect for that quick cup of tea or afternoon latte, this cordless jug kettle boils water faster than a microwave. Its stainless steel construction adds quality and durability, as well as style to your kitchen countertop. The removable Aquascreen filter ensures clean water for both enhanced taste and safety. Other features include kettle base with auto shutoff, water level window, ergonomic handle and a large, 1.65-qt. capacity.**With** its 1-1/2-quart capacity and 1500 watts of power, this cordless electric kettle provides one of the safest, fastest, and most economical ways to boil water for instant coffee, tea, cocoa, packaged soup mixes, and more.**At **the touch of a switch, it begins the boiling process with faster results than with stovetop or microwave methods. When the water starts to boil, the kettle automatically shuts off. For added safety, it will also shut itself off if the kettle is plugged in dry or when it’s lifted off its round power base.

For added convenience, the unit’s concealed heating element permits fast and easy cleaning, while its removable Aquascreen filter ensures clean, scale-free water. Other highlights include a simple-to-read illuminated water-level window, a hinged lid that snaps tight into place, and a stay-cool handle. The kettle’s round base allows for placing the unit back on top from any direction to offer easy access from any angle.

The electric kettle measures 8-1/5 by 9-2/7 by 8-3/5 inches and carries a two-year limited warranty.

Product Specifications:

• Boils water faster than a microwave
• 1500-watt cordless electric kettle quickly boils up to 1-1/2 quarts of water

• Auto shut-off when water starts to boil, if plugged in dry, or removed from base

• Stainless steel

• Holds 1.65 quarts

• Removable aquascreen filter for the purest water

• Cordless design

• Concealed heating element permits fast and easy cleaning

• Water-level window

• Hinged lid

• Stay-cool handle

• Measures 8-1/5 by 9-2/7 by 8-3/5 inches

• 2-year limited warranty

Roedy Green Writes on the TJK-55

My complaint is with every electric kettle I have ever owned. I get the impression their designers never actually tried using them to boil water. Here are some of the typical design flaws:

• There is no whistle to let you know when the water is ready.
• It is difficult to close the lid or to tell when it is properly closed. Water sprays out if the lid is not properly closed.

• The design is wide and squat so you have to heat a liter of water just to make enough for a cup of coffee.

• The design scaulds your hand with hot steam when you pour.

• The detachable cord keeps detaching by itself.

• The kettle has a switch you must remember to flip, rather than just plugging it in.

• There are obstructions in the spout so you must fill it slowly and carefully.

• There is no way to open up the kettle to clean it out or inspect it.

• The design causes burping explosions of hot water if you don’t let it cool a little before you pour.

Well known name brands like Black & Decker and Sunbeam are no protection from design incompetence/malice. The worst was a the Rival that could not even handle boiling dry. I currently use a Toastess TJK-55. It has only two minor flaws, it does not whistle and the on-light is placed on the kettle so that it is hard to see. At least its designers did not attempt to scauld me.

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