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Toastess Stainless Digital Countdown 2-Slice Toaster

By Nancy

Model: TT-321

Price on $59.99

Toastess International opened the doors in August 2000 under new ownership and management. Dedicated to providing the same high level of quality and product value as thier predecessors, Toastess Inc. They are bringing to market the latest innovations thanks to the combined efforts of a talented staff and the best minds in the world of electric housewares.

Toastess Pioneering Predecessors; Toastess Inc. was founded in 1945 by two brothers who quickly became pioneers in the Canadian housewares industry. Among its many “firsts” was Canada’s first fully immersible electric frypan. Toastess was also one of the first in Canada to apply non-stick coating to electric frypans. In 1962, Toastess was awarded a Canadian design award for its first electric kettle. Toastess launched the first immersible deep fryer in North America in 1965. Many other “firsts” followed: First to make electric kettles with a concealed element; First to use non-stick coating on the inside of kettles to reduce scale build-up; First to design and build a whistling electric kettle; First to offer a two-year guarantee on its products.

For over 50 years, Toastess Inc. was a manufacturing driven company, producing a basic range of quality electric housewares for Canadian (and in recent years American) kitchens. Shortly after the beginning of the new millennium, Toastess Inc. ceased operating and closed its doors. The Toastess brand was sold, and a new Toastess emerged.

Today Toastess International takes great pride in the legacy of its predecessor. It is this rich history and tradition that inspires the commitment to develop new and exciting products. With renewed focus, Toastess International aims to create many more “firsts” and to continue the vision two brothers had over 50 years ago.

The Toastess Digital Countdown 2-Slice Toaster features defrost and reheat settings. Push-button controls are easy to use, and the electronic sensor ensures the perfect shade every time. Removable crumb tray keeps things clean.

Product Specifications:

• Bagel function toasts the cut side of the bagel and warms the outer crust
• 3 indicator lights with easy-touch control buttons:• “Cancel” automatically stops toasting mid-cycle
• “Defrost” toasts frozen bread, waffles, French toast & more

• “Reheat” warms cold toast without over-browning

• “Set & Forget” slide control for bagels

• An electronic sensor

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