8 Tips to Eat out for Less ...

So…you love eating out but are constantly too worried about your budget to even contemplate it. Bummer, huh? It’s all very well for people to say things like “stretch your dollar”, “tighten your budget”, “practice frugality”, and “don’t indulge in excesses”; but most of the times the people preaching from the top of a mountain have piles of stash hidden under it. However, that is neither here nor there. In difficult times such as these when you cannot go all out and celebrate extravagantly, you have to resort to penny-pinching techniques to have fun. And there are several ways you can do that. Here are tips on how you can eat out for less and shut all those pious preachers up!

1. Use Gift Coupons

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Restaurant.com, Hotcoupons.com, and Valpak.com are a few websites that offer gift certificates and free discount coupons for hundreds of restaurants. They are available at very reasonable price and can get you up to 50% off at your favorite place.You could also check the website of your local restaurants to see if they are running promotional offers, such as free meals for frequent diners or kids or maybe a free birthday meal for the birthday boy or girl.

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