5. Choose a Style That Flatters Your Body

Choose a Style That Flatters Your Body

Photo Credit: macys.com

Now, if these tips on how to wear wide leg pants were not useful or even new to you, here’s one you definitely want to pay attention to. Don’t choose your wide leg pants simply because you like the print or because they look good in a magazine- choose your style because it looks good on you!

If you’re built like a model you won’t have a lot of problems to find a style that fits you perfectly but if you’re not, you’d want to choose the cut that will hide all imperfections. If you’re petite, you should refrain from wearing big flares but if your body shape can be described as “pear” big flares, especially ones starting from the knee and down, are just what you need for a perfectly balanced, perfectly stylish, perfectly perfect figure.

Choose Big, Bold Prints or No Prints at All
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