7 Tips for Killing Those Crazy Cravings ...

Everybody craves some kind of food sometime. Not to be too TMI-licious, but there are certain times of the month when I crave chocolate and salt at the same time, and must have it or I will die. Well … or everyone around me probably wishes they would, actually. Anyway! Food cravings are awful, because you know you'll never be satisfied unless you fulfill them – right? Maybe … but before I say another word, here are some tips for killing those crazy cravings before they completely do you in.

1. Let It Pass

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Sometimes, the best tip for killing those crazy cravings is not to do anything about them. Just let them pass by on their own. I know that sounds easier in theory than it could ever be in practice, but it does work. You just have to remember that when a craving starts, especially if it's a craving for something sweet, it will pass quickly. Cravings are kind of like tantrums. If you get your mind off of it by doing something else, then you won't even notice it's there gnawing at you.

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