7 Tips for Healthy Eating on the Go ...

Most days, I feel like I practically live in my car — commuting, driving my daughter to and from school, dance class, dental appointments, shopping… it never ends! While the gas prices alone are enough to make me loathe my on-the-go lifestyle, worse still is the junk I end up eating. But no more! I resolve to eat healthier, even while I’m running around. And here’s how! Here are 7 tips for healthy eating on the go!

1. Bag Them Ahead of Time

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This is a tip I follow all the time. When I go to the grocery store, I buy loads of fresh fruits and veggies, then as soon as I get home, I wash them, cut them up, then put them in little containers or baggies. It’s a little work on the front end that saves loads of time and effort during the week. When I’m headed out the door, I grab a few baggies or containers, and go with a day’s worth of nutritious snacks.

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