Time Gets Away and the First in a New Series of Tips

Hello everyone!

My how time gets away from you. Shortly after my last post, my husband had a 4 wheeler accident and I spent a lot of time doing what I could to help him recover. (He's lucky to be alive)

Then, just as he was pretty much healed, he started having chest pain and he's been having to go through a bunch of tests to determine if it's his heart or something else. He's really too young to be having heart trouble, but we all know it can hit at any age.

Anyhow, I've come up with a new series of tips that will hopefully keep your skin soft, smooth and supple during the dry winter season. I'll share the first one today.

To help keep your face smooth and supple, try using a less drying facial cleanser and a thicker moisturizer.

The reason you need a less drying cleanser is that your skin produces less oil in dry, cooler weather and deep cleansers will dry out your skin. Try finding a cleanser that has a milk or cream base for ultra softness.

You'll want a thicker moisturizer since there is less humidity in the air and your skin turns naturally drier. Lotions just don't offer the level of moisture you need for winter so you'll want something that is a cream or an ointment.

To keep this short, I'll break them up into days. I'll be posting the rest daily.

Take care, until next time....


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