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This Mondays Picks ...

By Marica

This week, we are continuing picking great great blogs from the web and we hope you will enjoy it!

The DJ list is the place where you can look for a decent DJ. They have over 137,000 DJ on their list so far and growing.
What is Web 2.0? Wondering who is web 2.0? Go to web 2.0to find it out!
Meet a handsome author who manages Venture Blog A List. Oh, yes, there are some good reading to do besides the pretty face...

Personal blogs**
Introduce the "Clever dude & Clever dudette".
The Thinking blog has been featured quite few times on Bloglog. Later I found out that it is a success story of "beautiful girl attracts"! (Their avatar of a beautiful women help them caught lots of attention... hum... maybe we should start using that method as well? At least pretend to be one?)

Are you into phones? Do you trade your phone in for a new one at least once a year? You might belong to "The Cell Freak" group.
I love Picky-Chick's style and I certainly am a "picky- chick" myself...
If you are interested in Japan or thinking about moving to Japan, check out the Japan Casting.
Cuteable has some cute picks... !
If you are a big fan of LifeHacker, and I know many of you are, you will probably like IdolAtor as well.

TheJShowis a fairly new blog but I love it... esp. the "Deal no Deal analysis"... You know I am a fan of that show...

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