5 Things to Put You on a Floral Frenzy ...

1. Mini Summer Dresses

What is the perfect Easter outfit? Something floral and summer-y, of course. For inspiration, check out the fabulous photos curated by Poppies and Sunshine.

2. a Garden Feast

With the weather getting warmer, it's time to plan and organize a garden party or two. For delightful table setting ideas, check out the link.

3. for Carrying Your Everyday Summer Essentials

After the link, you will see gorgeous floral pieces. But focus on the whimsical bag from ModCloth. Is that adorable or what?

4. the Long and Short of It

You can't be wearing floral mini dresses every day this spring. Make your warm day wardrobe more interesting by adding these shorts.

5. Garden Companions

You want flowers in your garden that will last you a long time? Then what you need to plant are perennials. Check out this post by Aprille Ross.

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