7 Things to Love about Pinterest ...

Pinterest is "a place to catalog the things you love." It's a website that will suck time off your day but you will not feel bad about it. Why? Because you are gathering inspiration! The following are some of the things to love about Pinterest.

1. Organized Inspiration

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Pinterest is like the inspiration board you have in your study but more organized and easier to wade through. If, like me, you save beautiful photos online on your laptop, you will absolutely love Pinterest. The great thing about this website is that it makes saving or bookmarking corners of the world wide web a lot easier!

The interface is easy to understand and I am in love with the different boards that you can create. The boards is most definitely one of the things to love about Pinterest. Right now, I have boards for things I want to make, places I want to see, interior design inspiration, and photographs that I find achingly beautiful. No matter your interests, making boards will not be a problem. From food to recipes to art to engagement ideas to anything under the sun, Pinterest will help organize your inspirations.

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