12 Things Made for Sharing ...

Some things come in threes, some things come in small packages, some things come back to haunt you and some things are just meant to not be enjoyed alone. Here are 12 things made for sharing.

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Whether it’s snuggling under it on a cold winter’s night or sharing breakfast and reading the Sunday morning newspapers, a duvet was definitely made for two.

2. Extra Large Pizza

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Perfect for friends or family the extra large pizza should never be eaten alone – just think of those calories, girls. Unless of course you are one of those that enjoys it cold the next day.

3. You Tube

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The ultimate of contemporary things made for sharing. You Tube wouldn’t have a purpose unless it was available for everyone. It’s now so powerful that its share power has launched new celebrities (Justin Bieber). Unfortunately, it also gives us things like that girl and the worst song in the world. (Sorry can’t remember her name and I really didn’t want to look it up).

4. Umbrella

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Ok, so now I’m just being indulgent here. One of my favorite romantic things to do is to take a walk on a rainy day and what better excuse do you need to cuddle up to your man than the need to share the umbrella.

5. Gossip

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Gossip wouldn’t be gossip if it was kept to ourselves. By its very nature gossip has to be near the top if any list of things made for sharing. Some people just wouldn’t be able to get through the day without a good old chinwag about all and nothing.

6. Bath Water

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This is one of things made for sharing that will gross some people out and make others smile. It’s ecologically friendly to share bath water and I think most people would be surprised to find out how many people jump in the tub with the previous occupant having left their water in. After all, unless your partner is a coal miner and as most people bathe every day, just how dirty can water get? Of course, if we’re talking about you and your man lighting the candles, pouring a glass of wine and letting the bubbles hide your naughty bits, that’s a different matter.

7. The Tunnel of Love

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I love good old fashioned fairgrounds and as a teenager finding someone to share the tunnel of love before the fair hit town was a must.

8. Your Life

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Unless you are a hermit your life is one of those things made for sharing that everyone does. Even confirmed spinsters and bachelors have family, friends and cats.

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What would a joke be without being able to tell the punch line to someone? I mean when someone asks you how do you know when an elephant has been in your fridge, you really do need someone to share the punch line with you.

10. A Pot of Tea

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Oh by the way, it’s because there are footprints in the butter.

Being British, there’s no way I could make up a list of things made for sharing without including a good old cup of tea. There’s been such a movement to the one bag one cup method that these days making a pot of the lovely brown stuff usually means you are making it for someone else as well as yourself.

11. Good News

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By now you are probably thinking, just how many more things made for sharing can I come up with. Well, the good news I can share with you is that this is the penultimate one. News wouldn’t be news unless more than one person knows it.

12. Great Blogs

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This can be explained in three simple words. All Women Stalk.

I think I may have exhausted the things that are made for sharing but I’m pretty sure you ladies will prove me wrong by coming up with a few more, right?

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