There Will Be No Blogging until Next Week, as I Am...


There will be no blogging until next week, as I am going on a fifth-anniversary toddler-free vacation...and can I just say how ridiculously excited I am about lying in the sun, drinking many fruity drinks, and reading all the books I've got packed, including lots of Sarah Dunant? (That's the beauty of finding a new writer -- you get the fun of reading their entire backlist in one great big gulp).

In less happy news, I went to the drugstore to buy some Bain de Soleil, as my way of making amends for mocking them twice in two different books, and couldn't find any. How am I supposed to get my St. Tropez tan now?

And how Jewish is too Jewish (or how Jewish is Jewish enough)? Karen Schwartz (CLEARING THE AISLE) and I dishabout the religion thing. (One detail that didn't make the interview -- in the book I'm writing now there's a JDate-style internet dating website that I'm calling Its motto: "For the Unchosen Chosen People.")