7 Themes for Your Little Boy's Room ...

Since both of my children are girls, I never had the chance to design or decorate a little boy’s bedroom, but I imagine doing it all of the time, when a particular piece provides a dose of inspiration. I’ve certainly never considered having another baby for that reason alone, but it is a lot of fun to decorate a little boy’s bedroom in my mind! If you’re the lucky mother of a little boy, and are missing the inspiration, I’d love to share some with you! Here are 7 themes for your little boy’s room.

1. Robots

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Price: $29.00 at potterybarnkids.com
These bookends each feature a retro-inspired robot, crafted from solid wood and painted by hand to finish them. Use these as an inspiration for a robot themed bedroom for your little boy, finished with a corduroy comforter and lots of vintage books… maybe even an old “Lost in Space” poster on the wall!

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