The Ultimate Spa Treatment for Hands & Feet

H20 Plus Hand and Foot Smoother Retexturizing Seaweed Therapy

Give your own hands and feet the ultimate spa treatment with this therapeutic cream by H20. It is made with seaweed, aloe vera, and shea butter extracts to soften dry, rough skin while promoting cell renewal. It’s also made with exfoliating properties, so it will remove dead skin cells, leaving your hands and feet satiny and spoiled. You won’t have to use this frequently because one dose of this will deliver long-term softness.

I’ve tried a plethora of hand and foot treatments in my two and a half decades of existence, but none of them in particular stand out to me. This one, however, is the cream of the crop (no pun intended). It’s not just the beach ingredient, seaweed I’m drawn to (my heart goes pitter patter for beachy beauty products), but it is the ultra moisture factor and soothing scent that won my heart. So if you can’t afford an aesthetician to pamper your feet at a day spa, then this is the perfect alternative for a spa-starved woman on a small budget.

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