The Ultimate Graphic Tees (+ Fashionista Friendly!) at

The following is a sponsored, honest, review.

Graphic tees are schmaphic tees (I know, I’m lame) unless they look like they’re done in the style of hip, young web/graphic designers. And looking at the graphic tees on brings back memories of my old graphic design website/’zine circle. Actually, the images really remind me of the queen of our “gang” and her style, I can so picture Leah working for this company. (And wherever she is, I know she’s rocking and making good cash!) Seriously, the artwork on VJU Cool’s tees are the tip top of the best.

Even better is they do have pretty stylish designs for girly fashionistas! And they’re so detailed, to boot! Check out the “Enigmatic” Japanese-style tee. Gosh I could feature each single tee of art in the“Gorgeous” category on their own! They show off fabulistaMy coined term for a fabulous lady! women, but the shirts are fit to both men and women, separately, and really, the art does appeal to both sexes.

Whether you’re the modern artistic type, the sexy kitten, the vintage made mod fan or you just like eclectic clothing; different things in your wardrobe, really check out these products. You may find one or three things you want to buy.

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