The Ultimate Eggs Benedict

Maybe I should check my horoscope because I feel like it's my lucky week. Last Thursday it was National Grilled Cheese Day (my all-time favorite simple sandwich) and today is National Eggs Benedict Day (my all-time favorite brunch dish)! Although I would love to tell you exactly how this delicious poached egg masterpiece received its name, I can't because the exact origins of the dish remain unclear. I will confess that I've never made homemade Eggs Benedict. Well not completely, I know how to make a perfect poached egg but I usually use store bought Hollandaise Sauce (I hate to admit that!). For some strange unknown reason I am afraid to make this mixture of egg yolk, lemon juice, and butter sauce. Since it's National Eggs Benedict Day, perhaps I'll give it a try. To join me in the egg-cellent adventure,

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