The Ultimate Bar: Toothpicks


You may be wondering why I'm writing about something so seemingly trivial as toothpicks, but think about it, toothpicks are essential to a bartender. More importantly, toothpicks are a crucial component to my favorite cocktail, the vodka Classic Martini. The olives float chicly on the side of the angular glass. Without toothpicks the martini is incomplete. Vital to creating cool, stylish garnishes, your bar is not complete until you have a small box of toothpicks. Toothpicks come in about a million varieties and it's fun if you are hosting a party to get a set that go along with your theme. However for everyday use, plain old wooden toothpicks work fine as long as you have a sleek little toothpick holder. I love this silver one by Target that runs for the moderate price of $9.80.

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