The Thrill is Gone ...

Dear Marc,
For years I have watched your career through ups, downs, and ups. I even argued the merits of the whole grunge thing...not easy to defend thrift store looks at Bergdorf prices. I applauded your rise to head of design at Louis Vuitton, eagerly awaited the new shipments of Marc (and the sales on Marc Jacobs), and even suffered a dislocated shoulder from an overstuffed Polina hobo (my toddler weighs less). Your original designs and ability to tweak classics is what inspired this loyalty.
But then came this...

I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't a misplaced Botkier, Coach, or even , 9 West. Yes, it's true Marc this bag looks not only derivative of other "done" bags, it looks cheap, stiff, and not at all, as the name suggests "Sporty"...though it is most definitely zippered.

Perhaps in your Marc line, but someone needs to step it up if you plan on selling this sort of thing for $995...not even with a suede lining.

I'm sorry, Marc, and I'm sad. Please, cheer me up and let this be a one time slip.
PS: I'm sure that some people will find this to be a fabulous bag, and those people can order it from Bloomingdales in black only.

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