The Sweetest Thing ...

**By Leor Katzaneck **

Products we find in the supermarket that belong to the diet section are divided to three kinds :
- Products with low calories
- Products low in fat
- Products low in sugar or with no sugar

The products with no sugar are consumed by people with diabetes and by people who want to lose weight.

There are three major substitutes to sugar that maintain a low sugar level in the blood people with low level of sugar in the blood will feel less hungry during the day and will not have cravings for sweets.

There are thee major kinds of sweeteners:

1. polliols - Are the Most Common Sweeteners and They Include Sorbitol,menitol,xilitol,and Meltitol They Have a Little Less Calories than Sugar

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2. espertime - with Almost No Calories

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3. fructose - the Best Substitutes regarding Sugar Levels ,and a Natural Substance .foods Based on Proctose Will Make You Less Hangry for a Long Time

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