The Stylosphere's Own Salon De Maria (Palma)


Maria Palma is a dear Internet friend of mine, and you know her well from blogging at The Runway Scoop. And if that’s true you probably are familiar with her own designed jewelry, or at least remember a mention here and there. Salon de Maria is the blogger’s other job, with fine hand-made jewelry and even home-designed greeting cards. Pictured above is one of her creations.

You can browse and luckily buy from her shop on Etsy, and while you’re there, you may find yourself lost in the other independent jewelers and gosh - just anything that can be made with two hands! Fun. Thanks to indie jewelry designers, or any apparel and accessory makers working from their own homes, the public (you!) can look more attractive and stay unique!

And of course, keep reading Maria’s thoughts on the workings of haute couture at!

One last note, this designer jewelry offers EXTREME bargains! I ordered one piece, so trust me on this! Order order order before that silly girl realizes she should raise her prices considerably! Your gain is well … her sale at least!

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