The Sticky Factor ...

The winds are cropping up here in NYC and every day I find myself swatting my hair away from my face, tying it back, wearing hats - anything to keep it away from my glossed (aka sticky) lips. I'm pretty sure there's some principle of physics involved, one that dictates that long locks and perfectly glossed pouts shall inevitably find a way to make contact, thus ruining each other immediately. And let's face it, sometimes even the best lip glosses are sticky.

But...I have found one that is not.

**Sue Devitt lip gloss** is one of those rare formulas that manage to maintain the glossy look without the associated stickiness. The colors go on sheer, have impressive staying power, and leave a bit of a stain on the lips even after they're gone. My pick for fall is **Taza**, which looks like a deep red-gold in the tube, but goes on as a sheer reddish amber with incredibly fine bits of shimmer. The color packs enough of a punch that you'll only need one quick coat, but it's still sheer enough for daytime.

This is a great soft office red for working girls who want a red lip look but aren't quite ready to channel Anne Hathaway in the second half of The Devil Wears Prada.

Taza is a new shade, part of Devitt's **Viking Voyage fall collection** - which is just gorgeous and worthy of checking out!

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