The Real 'M by Mariah Carey' Ad


A few weeks ago an advert for Mariah Carey's new fragrance was posted. It was widely criticized because it was an obvious photoshopped picture of Mariah and Supermodel Gisele.

The picture above is the real ad for Mariah's new fragrance. I am not sure it is necessary for her to be naked for a fragrance ad, but Mimi has never been shy about her body.

You can receive a sample of her new perfume at

A few fans have already received their samples and their comments were:

"At first the lingering scent is very candyish. I'm attracted to it. It's heavy but light and floral at first. Then you really sense the sugary, marshmallow as time goes on."

"I'll be the first to say I hate it. It's way too strong, which is what I hate the most about perfume. It's already given me a headache. I think I'll pass on buying it for someone."

Just goes to prove that you can not please everyone.