The Queen Goes Green


Usually any talk of 'green royals' would refer to Charles and his famous green fingers, but it's the Queen who's in the spotlight this week, with news that she has hired a team of consultants to review how carbon emissions from the royal residences can be reduced.

It would be uncharitable to point out that, with three official residences, several private homes and an accompanying fleet of bodyguards and flunkys needed wherever they go, the royals are never going to be the most environmentally friendly family in the country.

Indeed, their spokespeople are eager to point out that the queen is well known for turning off unused lights at Buckingham Palace, and that all the vehicles of state used by the queen have already been converted to be more fuel efficient and eco-friendly.

This review will look at Buckingham Palace, Windsor castle and Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh to audit their carbon emissions and make suggestions of ways to reduce them.

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