The Hoff is Back!

Hayley and Taylor-Ann, this is your primary physical custodian.

The custody battle is finally over between David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach, and Hasselhoff has come out on top. Even though he had visitation suspended after the drunken hamburger manhandling video, the court thought that he was a better parent than Bach. The court psychologist found that Pamela was abusive to her kids and refused to submit to drug and alcohol testing, whereas David voluntarily agreed to submit to alcohol testing. I'm not sure any tests are required - we already know the answer to that one.

And Debra Opri's not fairing so well either. First Larry Birkhead sues her, now she loses a high-profile custody battle? She might start losing her celebrity clientele soon.

Thoughts from other blogs:
A Socialite's Life: "This bitch must have been locking the kids in the attic because she couldn't get the inheritance if grandpa knew she had kids. For god's sakes, the Hoff couldn't get a hamburger in his drunk mouth and got custody. Jesus wept."

TMZ:"We're told the judge indicated he might be willing to change the ruling to a fifty-fifty split, but only if Bach attends anger management classes for a year and submits to drug and alcohol testing."

The Superficial: "Just goes to show nothing can stop David Hasselhoff. You could drop a truck on him and he'd just catch it and throw it to the side while laughing."

Source: Us Weekly

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