The Hills Season #2 - Now on DVD!

good morning! so who else shares in my guilty pleasure **the hills**?!? when season #1 first aired i almost couldn't bear it but after watching a few episodes by accident - i became totally hooked on all the drama!

the second season really kicked up the stakes by featuring the drama between one-time BFFs lauren conrad & heidi montag! they were best of friends - and moved into together when they relocated from laguna beach to the hollywood hills...but then there was the whole spencer pratt factor - who is a total loser & asshole (for me there's simply no other way to put it!) heidi started dating spencer - who totally rubbed LC the wrong way - in the end ms. montag had to choose between her best friend & her boyfriend - sadly the asshole boyfriend won out! at the end of the second season heidi moved out to be w/ spencer - leaving lauren in the dust - sad but true!

this week the second season was released on DVD - so it's time to catch up before the third season premieres this coming monday! i can't wait to see what happens next between the gals! to celebrate the release i have five copies of the DVD to toss out to my readers! the first five people to answer this trivia question will win the goods...what's the name of the event planning agency heidi worked at? send your answers over to - as soon as i have five winners i'll post the answers along with the names of the winners!

as you can probably see **the hills** has taken over popbytes for the day - in celebration of the third season along with the virtual hills featured over on - where you can sign up to create your own avatar - and possibly win stuff! there's a bunch of stuff going on - so if you're hardcore fan like myself i suggest you check it out and sign up! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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