The Gusto 'Gina' Bag is 'shell Shaped' like a YSL Downtown


A narrow-bottomed, large-mouthed bag was never the shape of choice until YSL made the Downtown (left), which was beyond successfully popular last year. Perhaps thats why Gustto's taking the hint and has come out with their own version of a "shell shaped" tote. I must admit - it does look pretty convenient to have that big ole opening at the top so you can easily stuff all your belongings into it. Thing is, with soft garment-washed leather like Gustto's, the folds of the bag will likely fall on itself when set down and keep your things from rolling out to the floor... while I always felt like the Downtown, when knocked over, would easily spill all your belongings. The Gusto 'Gina' bag is US$678, in charcoal and brown.

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