The Fresh Start Baby Food Kit Makes Cooking Your Own Baby Food a Snap ...

I feel kind of bad with the amount of control I have over the kids' diets. I had a looser childhood, but you better believe that I make sure the kids have great eating habits. This may lead to trouble in the future: "Daddy is eating this hot dog because he had a bunch of bad eating habits early. You can't have any because we love you and want better for you!" Somehow I don't think that will be a good excuse... Anyway, it makes us nervous when we don't know exactly what goes into the food they eat. If an ingredient is named something we can't say on the first try, we've decided we don't want it in their bodies. Before the kids started eating solid food we were all about making our own baby food, and it's surprising just how easy it is to do, not to mention cheaper and healthier. The main issue we faced was figuring out where to start. I wish we had bought the Fresh Start Baby Food Kit, which comes with a cookbook, an instructional CD-ROM, as well as freezer trays so you can make larger batches and freeze them to save for later. You'll save money, you'll know exactly what your child is eating, and you might even have some food. There might be a downside here, but I'm not finding one. [...]

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