The Divine Ms. M ...

The Divine Ms. M is Muriel M. from the Point de Vue salon in West Hollywood. You can't throw a script without hitting an waiter/actor or celebrity hairdresser, but in regards to the latter, the gems of the bunch are hard to find and Muriel at Point de Vue just might be brightest gem of them all.

I've never truly had a hair emergency other than the time in the 6th grade when fellow brunette Kimber Kalar and I wanted to go blond and we used a lethal combo of Sun-In and lemon juice, ultimately turning our tresses into a worse than mustard color. Junior high - we were allowed. But there is no excuse for such a disaster when you've lived in LA as long as I have and thought you've filtered out the "Be's" from the "Wannabe's". Never enticed by the hair-artistry of Jonathan Antin from Bravo's "Blow Out" or the Jennifer Aniston layered shag creator Christopher McMillan, I went with a wonderfully talented professional I had been seeing since her days as a trainee in a top salon.

Sadly the third time wasn't a charm with this young lady as my hair turned ashen. Lifeless. Dull. Flat. Made my skin even pastier than it already was. I felt horrible and then I felt worse when a dear, yet extremely candid girl friend, boldly stated two nights ago that she's seen me look better. So with that I immediately called in an expert whom I had met at an Oscar event in 2006. Owner and head stylist Muriel from the Point de Vue salon whisked me in and refused to let me leave until she fixed me.

It was a dubious task. I had accepted my fate of dull, lifeless hair and a sad uneven 70s Farrah Fawcett cut. But Muriel's hands became magic and she brushed and colored and cut and angled my hair back to life. I'm gonna say it, but my how the French really know hair! I mean, just heads and shoulders above the rest. Muriel leads an extremely talented team at Point de Vue. I was spoiled having Muriel create my look, but any of the stylists there would have more than delivered.

So now my once lifeless hair is alive, full of bounce, shine and chunky highlighted goodness. I'm not Giselle, but now I'm no longer Ugly Betty...not that there's anything wrong with that. Muriel and the folks at Point de Vue spend the days bringing out the best in people and seeing, from their point of view, what tricks of their trade will make that happen. Is it a cut, a color or simply teaching you the right way to get salon perfect hair at home (check out Muriel's Hair Bootcamp).

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to Swagtime's friends and miracle workers at Point de View. You forever have a client in me.

Point de Vue Salon is located at 152 North Wetherly Drive in West Hollywood, CA. Make an appointment at 310-273-1231 and tell them Swagtime sent you!

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